Entering the Keep

The crawl begins!

The PC’s discovered among the kobold treasure the slumbering form of Shakuras Tassadar, who joined the party. They first freed him from fine silver chain (it’s actually important).Returning to Winterhaven, they claimed their reward from Lord Padraig. They followed the lead of the letter, and learned of a local keep’s dark history. A shadow rift lies within! Half the party (Carric and Shakuras) returned to the stables, scared the living daylights out of the stable boy, and stole ALL the horses.

Meanwhile, Dravian tried to convince Lord Padraig to raise the alert level of the town. He laughed off the threat, then became upset about the disturbance, demanding proof. Dravian left, only to discover that the party had left him behind, taking all the horses with them. He followed on foot, catching them while they rested. He blew out the fire, then fell asleep. The others woke first, and stole his portion of the chain.
When they reached the keep, they nosed around, but found only one entrance. They tried to convince the first goblin guards that they were legitimate party entertainers, but the effect was ruined when Carric fell into a pit trap. Combat ensued. Carric was almost killed by rats (he refused to climb out of the pit). Dravian was almost killed by crossbow bolts. Aurora had a desperate time trying to heal them all before the party collapsed into that country from whose bourn, etc. Eventually, they managed to dispatch the goblins. Whew. While Carric was unconscious, Dravian stole back the fine silver chain.
Having looted the bodies, the party tried to take an extended rest. Heh. Within five minutes, they were awoken by a goblin patrolman, who they promptly killed. The encounter inspired them to continue searching the complex, leading to an excavation site. Debate about what to do was inconclusive.


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