The Elder's Mission

The Adventure Begins

For the first session of the campaign, Mikal, Gallindan, Aurora, and Carric met up in Striujimenstrade, summoned by the Village Elder. He assigned them a mission: to journey into the mountains and investigate the ruins of castle Korvald, which goblins were using as a base of operations for kidnapping villagers and looting homesteads. The adventures accepted.

Having made the difficult journey to the castle, they descended into the dungeon (the keep was a ruin). They battled their way through several groups of goblins (as well as a baby dragon) before arriving at a mysterious hole in the dungeon wall, leading into a cave complex. They chose to move along without exploring. Having found the main body of raiders and defeated them, however, they were confronted with the mysterious last words of the chieftan: “You’ll never get through the gate. The dragon has the key! Hahahaha… gurgle.” Sure enough, set into the wall was a huge, ominous-looking door of solid obsidian, with no markings but a small indentation in the shape of a ram’s skull.

So, back to the mysterious cave went the party, hoping to find the key amongst the hoard of the baby dragon they had slain. While in the cave complex, which was, in fact, a frozen underground river, they found a room of dead creatures. It turned deadly, however, after the attempted removal of a valuable fur (Carric!!!!) triggered the rising of several zombies. Braaaains.

The adventurers finally found the hoard, unfortunately, it still had a dragon on it— an ancient white dragon at that! Pow! Mikal found himself sliding down the river at high speeds, bleeding profusely, whil the rest of the party legged it after him. As he went over a frozen waterfall, Mikal was lucky enough to find a powerful magic sword. He wasn’t quite sure of how to control it, however, and ended up releasing a blast of radiant energy that collapsed the entire cave. Luckily, the players escaped unharmed.

With the key they got from the hoard (as well as lots of gold!) they got through the gate, which rematerialized behind them. No going back. Onward they pressed, through a mysterious temple (where they fought a wraith.) and into a rat-infested teleportation chamber. Escaping the angry rodents, they found that they had been teleported to… the Village Elder’s house? While they stood around in shock, he summoned two magical servants to delay them and set off back the way they had come. The chased him all the way back to the outside of castle Korvald before bringing him to battle. He pwnd them all, and escaped in an ornithopter. They pursued in a wagon drawn by the beloved horse Biscuits, who, while well-liked, was not quite as fast.


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