The Pursuit

Giddy-up, Biscuits!

The PCs pursued the Village Elder across the forests and plains of the Nentir Vale, all the way to the town of Fallcrest. Up until then, they had been able to track him by the trail of smoke his ornithopter left across the sky, but there that trail ended. From locals, they gathered that he had ejected from the vehicle before crashing it into Lake Nen, which caused quite a hubbub. No one, however, had seen where the pilot went.

While searching for clues, the PCs came across Dravian Serpitine in the town stocks. They were unsure what to do about this; whether they should help him or leave him. A failed attempt by Carric to pickpocket a city guard decided the issue, and also led to his being hauled off to jail, an action which the other PCs did nothing to prevent. While the guard was absent, they freed Dravian, who joined the party. After a rest, the PCs went to the jail to try to rescue Carric. Their methods were simple: They asked for a visit, robbed him, and used the money to bribe the jailers. Once he regained consciousness, of course, he wanted the money back, but they would not return it. He then attempted to “go rob somebody” to recoup his lost gold, and was only restrained by being returned half the money.

Having learned from a townsperson which direction the Village Elder had gone, the PCs had the problem of smuggling Dravian, still a known criminal, out of the city. They solved the conundrum by tying him to the bottom of their cart (still hauled by loyal Biscuits!). On the way out, they picked up a quest from a woman whose husband had last been seen traveling in the same direction they were going. He had yet to return. Off they went, farther into the Northern portions of the Vale.


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