Carric Fallior

Half-elf, thief, bounty hunter, general lowlife.


A native Astelian Carric Fallior was born to a human mother and elven father in the town of Darnast. Carric spent the first five years of his live as any child would until around his sixth birthday his parental units vanished. Later it was confirmed that they had been offed by a local crime lord who was cleaning up anyone who failed to pay the protection fees. It was then that an old man named Oren took pity on the child who had nowhere to go and took him to the “Order” as Carric refers to it.

Carric doesn’t speak much of what happened during the time between then and his nineteenth birthday but he does make it clear that he and this “Order” aren’t on good terms. He then spent four years as a bounty hunter/mercenary/thief until the fateful day he found himself on a mission to apprehend a Maklivi Resnadi a rather powerful smuggler which brought him to Striujimenstrade. “Things got out of hand and the target had to be taken in dead instead of alive.” is his short version of that story.

However a citizen witnessed this and not realizing who either of the two were contacted a guard landing Carric in a cramped cell for a couple of days. The village elder then struck a bargain with the half-elf in exchange for his freedom he would accompany the group we all know so well to the mountains in our first mission. And you know the rest from there.

Other general info/trivia,
Though seemingly random at times he is incredibly calculating in times of battle.
He apparently is married to someone named Ro-Arri.
He loves a good game of cards
He is really awesome.

Carric Fallior

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