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  • Nentir Vale

    The Nentir Vale is a term generally used to describe the area between the [[Dawnforge Mts]] spur and the northeastern part of the Ravencrag range. It consists mostly of small farming villages such as [[Winterhaven]], and has no large cities. Its biggest …

  • Winterhaven

    A small village in the [[Nentir Vale]]. It is ruled by [[:lord-padraig]], and is the home of [[:salvana-wrafton]] and [[:elian-the-old]], among others. It is a safe haven (no pun intended), surrounded by thick walls and guarded by a force of volunteer …

  • castle Korvald

    Castle Korvald was the keep to which the [[:village-elder]] sent the PCs on their first adventure to defeat goblin raiders. (See [[The Elder's Mission]].) Beneath it lie a series of caverns, carved out by a now-frozen underground river. These were once …

  • Dawnforge Mts

    This long mountain range forms the boundary between [[Astel]] to the south and the [[Nentir Vale]] to the north. Nestled in its peaks are [[castle Korvald]] and the [[:ancient-white-dragon]]'s lair, as well as other interesting locales.