Dravian Serpitine

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Dravian Serpintine


I woke up, dazed, and noticed it was snowing. I quickly regained my senses and realized that my house was a burnt ruin. It was not snowing but raining ash. I suppressed the feeling to throw up as I remembered the events last night as I look over and see my father’s decapitated body lying broken in a puddle of pooling blood.
I remember last night me, my sister, and my father all sitting around talking about what has happened in the past years we have been away. My sister talking about how she was hired as a body guard, father telling us how well the forge was doing, and me pitching my job as an adventurer. Then as the fire in the hearth dies down my father goes out to get wood. We waited an hour until the fire died out for my father to return, he did not. I get to my feet and walk over to the door. Then looking outside I see a man wiping blood off his dagger, and a few feet from the door is my father lying in a cooling pool of blood. I quickly slam the door. I tell my sister to get her sword ready, as I grab my long sword and a wickedly barbed knife. The door is kicked open as the Man outside runs in with two other men with swords. I raise my weapon and charge the closest goon and deal a quick slice across the throat ending his existence there. The other man charges me, sword raised high, eyes full of hate, and brings the heavy blade down to sever my body in half. I quickly shift my weight so that the blade glances off my scales covering my shoulder. Using the momentum of my dodge and the opponents unbalance to bring my long sword down and deliver a gash across his chest putting him out of the battle.
I glimpse by sister finishing off her second foe. More henchmen are flying through the broken down door. I see the Man defenseless. I below out a cry and recklessly run at him bringing my long sword behind me. He sidesteps and brings his own blade up in an arch. I gasp as my sword shatters and falls apart. Unsheathing my dagger and then resheathing it between his ribs. The Man just laughs.
“Laughing won’t help your fate now, you bastard.” I spit as I twist the blade deeper into his chest. The man continues to laugh as his minions grab me and pull me off the knife. As they hold me down I notice my sister dazed out on the floor.
He pulls the blade out of his chest and laughs more. “And neither will it help yours.” He says. With a flick of the wrist the knife he rips one of the scales on my neck open. The Man takes a syringe and injects some liquid into me. They kick me as I flail around in pain.
“Hope you like playing with fire,” He says as a fireball appears in his hand. ”because I sure do.” and with that he tosses the fireball into the room and the walls begin dance with fire. My vision is smoke-filled and blurry. But barley I see them get in a wagon and leave. My memory ends there as I slip into unconsciousness. The last thought is that I am alone in this world now and that man is because of it.

Chapter 1
I woke up wiping my eyes, looking around I see it is gently snowing.
‘How nice’ I think, but then the memories came flooding back and I remember the events of last night. I then realize that this is not snow but really ash that is floating down. The remains of the little house are still in flames. I act quickly to put out the remaining flames. I notice my father’s body is sprawled on the ground, blood long frozen. I notice the scabbard at his side is empty.
I search around the body and soon find the familiar blade lying a few feet away sticking into the ground. As soon as I grip the handle a vision flashes through my mind. I am still were I was griping the handle but there is a Dragon in front of me. I notice the Dragon has Platinum scales and deep blue eyes. Sensing the power radiating off of him in waves, I quickly kneel and bow my head.
‘Dravian, stand up. I am calling to you with a urgent message. This Man that did this horrendous deed must be stopped. I fear he will do great evil. I feel my presence and power in this realm is weakening by the moment. I do not know if he is related to this problem, but I may not be able to contact you again like this. Dravian, I have chosen you, you will be powerful in due time but be patient. Your father’s sword is special you may only use it on a leader or special enemy. Goodbye, go to the Temple you will learn more once you are there.’
As the vision fades away a single name is burned into my memory, Bahamut. I pull the sword out of the ground and examine it. The curved blade feels weighty in my hand; the blade has markings on the end showing that it has been used in many fights. It is not Battle warn, but Battle Hardened. I quickly place the sword into the scabbard at my side. I turn back to my father’s body. I decided to burry it in the traditional way requiring an entire day. I finally finish and look down. My father is lying in a shallow grave wearing his armor. I pour a bucket of water on him filling the grave. I use my breath to freeze the water into clear ice. I then pick up my bag and set out on the dirt road that leads up to the mountains. As I set out I grimace a pain shooting up my entire side and causing me to collapse. I regain my footing and press on the road, praying that Bahamut gives me strength to reach the Temple.
A while down the trail I hear the rattling of wheels and clink of metal behind me. I turn around expecting to see a chariot with an old man surrounded by seven canaries. It is only a wagon with a few creatures in it. I notice a elf and a human driving.
“Please… Please help me, I’ve been poisoned and must get to the 7 canaries mountains” I cry out weakly.
“No we’re sorry but that is completely out of our way” the human in armor replies.
“I can pay you,” reaching for my bag with the few pieces of gold I have.”Please.” I plead.
“Fine get in the back.” came the response.
I clamor in and sit down noticing another man with a bow and one with a staff.
“Water, do you have any water?” I ask hoarsely
“Yes here it is” says the one with the bow.
“Many thanks” I say as I tilt the flask back
“Walter come in here I sense something wrong with this guy.” The man with the staff shouts.
“I’m comin’ I’m comin’” The one called Walter comes in. “Now lets see here, what seems to be the problem here.”
“I believe I am a little sick.” I bluff
“Well let me give you an incantation to strengthen you, but mind you it will wear out” he says
He begins the incantation and immediately the pain eases off and I begin to feel better.
“How do you feel?” the mage asks
“Much better thank you.” I reply, “How did you learn to do that.”
“I was trained since a child to be a cleric, Hey, Ezacio, do you have any bread”
“Ya here you go” answered Ezacio, ” What’s your name Dragonborn?”
“Dravian, Dravian Serpintine.”
“Don’t see many Dragonborn round there parts” Ezacio
“Don’t see any Dragonborn anywhere now.” Walter says.
“Yes well there are Dragonborn, if you know where to look” I say
“Why are you going to the 7 Canary Mountains?” Ezacio asks curiously
“A sort of pilgrimage you could say”
“Then why do you got all that Armor and those weapons.”
“It is a unique and dangerous Pilgrimage that I am taking”
“We’re at the mountains” the driver yells.
I step off handing the Cleric the money, “thank you very much”
As I head up the first summit pf the mountains I hear distantly,

Dravian Serpitine

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